Making an impact can start with your best night's rest


Girls sponsored and sent to school

Together we’re creating change through education

We’ve partnered with local girls' schools in Rajasthan to sponsor a month of education for every Looma set sold.

Creating a lasting environmental impact

Choosing to source only the highest quality Organic Cotton makes a powerful impact on our planet.

1,526,674 days

Drinking water saved

18,025,270 hours

LED bulb energy saved

75,311 miles

Driving emissions avoided

702,479 ft²

Pesticide-free land

A ground-up approach to supporting the future of independent, sustainable, and ethical cotton farming

Incredibly soft, ultra-breathable

Our unique strain of cotton is known worldwide for its extremely long and strong fibers called staples. The wispy fibers make for fabric that's twice as soft and four times more durable than conventional cotton. The smooth, uniform fibers mean that your sheets will have an incredibly soft feel that will continue to soften over the lifetime of your sheets. Their renown strength means that your sheets won't pill even wash after wash. Woven into a traditional Sateen weave, the smooth fibers are ideal for breathability and temperature regulation - keeping you cool in the summer and cozy in the winter.

Organically grown, hand picked

Our high quality grade of cotton is too expensive to be grown by mass volume producers. Instead we source directly from farming families that devote their lives to cultivating resources from the earth just the way mother nature would want it – fed by rainwater, picked by hand, and free of pesticides and harmful chemicals. The result is a cotton that requires 90% less water to cultivate, creates 50% less CO2 in production, and is fully hypoallergenic. Each of our farmers are certified 100% Organic by GOTS

Direct from the Farmers

We rely entirely on direct trade with farming families in the Himalayan basin for our unique cotton. Farmers are typically pressured to sell their harvest through a maze of regional traders for pennies on the dollar. Instead, we work directly with a group of independent farmers. Buying the raw material ourselves allows us to provide customers with prices that reflect the actual quality of the cotton rather than the “middleman markup”, provide stable prices, and ensure fair wages and working conditions for our farmers. Each of our farms are certified as fairly and ethically run by Fairtrade America.

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From the valleys of the Himalayas

All of our cotton is sourced from the Himalayan basin of Northern India. The unique climate and extremely fertile land make for the perfect cotton farming environment. The land is cultivated by hand and fed entirely by rainwater, resulting in cotton composed of extra-long, wispy fibers that are twice as soft and four times more durable than conventionally grown cotton.

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