Benefits of Organic Cotton.

Envision a fiber that is non-irritating, relaxing, 100% plant-derived, non-allergenic, high-absorbent, and has a five-thousand-year-old history! Yes, it is cotton that we are talking about. With such rich history, this crop is the most widely cultivated plant in the world, dominating the textile industry as a whole.

Organic cotton linens have gained ample popularity over the years, but what makes it so amazing to gain such popularity? Let's talk about the advantages that make organic cotton linen the best for you.


The softness of organic cotton would seem to produce delicate apparel that is susceptible to tearing. Unlike conventional cotton, which uses an abundance of fertilisers and chemicals, organic cotton is durable and tends to last longer because its fibers are not damaged by harmful chemicals.

In fact, organic cotton linens get softer and softer with every wash and can endure machine or hand washing.


Have you experienced fabrics that irritate your skin? Then organic cotton is the best choice for you. Organic cotton has no chemical retention, thus it is highly beneficial for people with sensitive skin or for people suffering from allergies.


Nothing compares to the benefits of organic cotton when it comes to sustainability. Farming organic cotton not only improves the quality of life of farmers but also the environment. Organic cotton reduces groundwater contamination by avoiding the use of pesticides and fertilizers making drinking water pure and safe. According to research, the production of organic cotton has a 98% lower environmental impact than that of conventional cotton. That makes it good for you and the environment.

 Safety Standards

We at Looma ensure that safety standards are adhered to rigidly by our manufacturers. Organic clothing products are safer as manufacturers adhere to manufacturing standards. This is not only to minimize the negative impact on the environment but to ensure customer value as well by subscribing to very high ethical standards such as Fair-trade Cotton, Better Cotton Initiative, FLO International, and other global movements that promote organic cotton.

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