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From The Valleys of the Himalayas

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We started Looma out of a desire for incredibly soft bedding that didn’t cost a fortune. As we set out, we wanted to create a company that would obsess over quality, durability, and doing right by each part of the supply chain. We realized while other industries were adopting sustainable and ethical practices without passing on the costs to consumers, there were no home brands offering eco-friendly bedding without exorbitant prices.

Our goal is simple: produce unbelievably cozy bedding that also does good for society and the planet, and it all starts with our material - Organic Himalayan Cotton.

Grown only in the Himalayan basin of Northern India, our cotton is remarkably different than conventional cotton. Not only is it sustainably produced, but also its long wispy fibers are 2x softer and 4x more durable than conventional cotton, resulting in the softest, most breathable fabric on earth.

Typically, the highest quality grades of cotton require too much care and therefore are too expensive to be grown by mass volume producers. Instead we buy directly from the farming families, from the Himalayan basin region, who devote their lives to cultivating resources from the earth just the way mother nature would want it – fed by rainwater, picked by hand, and free of pesticides and harmful chemicals.

By working directly with our farmers rather than a maze of middlemen, we’re able to buy the highest quality of each crop at guaranteed prices - ensuring fair and stable wages for our farmers and honest prices for you.

While sustainability and honest transparency are our core tenets, we also believe that knowledge is power, especially when it comes to gender equality. To give back to our farming families, we’ve partnered with Hanuman Girls’ School in Rajasthan to sponsor a month of education for every Looma set sold. To date, we’ve sponsored thousands of months of tuition and school supplies, and are incredibly optimistic that we can leave the world in a better state than we found it.

Ethical Production

Educational Sponsorship

Change your sheets. Change the world.

Every foundation set sold sponsors 1 month of tuition for a student at the Hanuman Girls' School in rural Rajasthan, India.

Every foundation set sold sponsors 1 month of tuition for a student at the Hanuman Girls' School in rural Rajasthan, India.