• Ethical Production and Why it Matters

    Ethical Production and Why it Matters
    Whether it be by how they treat the environment or how they improve the lives of their employees, businesses have a significant impact on their community. This is especially true for manufacturers. Although manufacturers play a crucial role in sustaining local economies, they can have a significant negative influence on the environment. Ethical production can take many different shapes, from reducing waste to training...
  • Microfiber: The Dirty Secret

    Microfiber: The Dirty Secret
    Good bed sheets are essential when it comes to getting a comfortable sleep, and the two most popular types of bed sheets you can come across include cotton and microfiber. Cotton is a natural fiber harvested from cotton plants, while microfiber is made up of synthetic materials such as polyester or nylon. We break down the distinct pros and cons of microfiber sheets so...
  • Benefits of Organic Cotton.

    Benefits of Organic Cotton.
    Envision a fiber that is non-irritating, relaxing, 100% plant-derived, non-allergenic, high-absorbent, and has a five-thousand-year-old history! Yes, it is cotton that we are talking about. With such rich history, this crop is the most widely cultivated plant in the world, dominating the textile industry as a whole.
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